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International Healing Conference

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RAIN is an Apostolic Movement of Pastors, Churches, Trans-local Ministries, and Missionaries with a common vision, and a mandate from God for revival, spiritual awakening, fulfillment of the "Great Commission" through strengthening the local church to become a church of prayer and power as in the first century, and to plant and establish churches throughout the world!

"And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all." Acts 4:33


We exist to know God intimately, to love, worship and glorify Him, and to make Him known by extending His kingdom till "the knowledge of the glory of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea." We intend to do this through working with pastors, local churches, trans-local ministries, and missionaries in:

Evangelism - helping them to reach their Jerusalem.

Church Planting - reaching their geographic region and beyond, their Judea & Samaria.

Adopting "orphaned" churches, those who are not already part of a network or a denomination, bringing them together with like-minded churches and ministries for greater strength and impact for God’s kingdom!

Missions - together reaching the uttermost parts of the earth.

We are called to be a foundational ministry of support for local pastors, churches, trans-local ministries, and missionaries, and to help create a safe environment for churches and ministries to fulfill their destinies in God and to reproduce themselves.


  1. A Spiritual Foundation - relationships and support to unite, undergird, strengthen, release, and empower you, and to build up your ministry.
  2. Licensing and Ordination - (affirming a leader’s call to a lifetime of ministry).
  3. Ministry Training through Heart for the Nations Bible School in Genoa, OH; Princeton, MN; Spokane, WA; Southern India, and other local church extensions and through special Regional Apostolic Institutes.
  4. Summer Family Camp in Hungry Horse Montana (last of June-early July; camp meets from Friday evening through Thursday morning).
  5. Monthly Regional Ministry Gatherings.
  6. Financial counsel, both personal and for the church or ministry.
  7. Missions support and administration.
  8. Help with conflict resolution and due process.
  9. Confidential counseling for pastors and leaders.
  10. Prayer Ministry - training and support.
  11. Training and equipping through the International Association of Healing Ministries.

RAIN is an apostolic movement within the church, a network, an association of churches, and a professional organization of Pastors, Churches, Trans-Local Ministries, and Missionaries. It is based on relationships and is not hierarchical. Those apostles and prophets who serve on the team are servants to undergird the local church, to build it up, to come along side, to give support, and to serve in fortifying and strengthening Pastors, Churches, Trans-local Ministries, and Missionaries. We believe that the Bible teaches that the local church should be governed by the local eldership. In the past, the terms "Covering" and "Spiritual Umbrella" were terms that were used to bring ministries under hierarchical systems which ended up moving in opposition to the Holy Spirit. Scripture clearly states that the church is to be "built upon the foundations of the apostles and the prophets with Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone." These are foundational ministries, literally which means "to found," or to "lay in foundations," so the outworking of apostolic and prophetic ministry is to plant and build up the local church.

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